Selected Books

Recent Articles and Chapters

  • “A Blessed Life,” Shaping Memories: The Lives and Times of Women, Ed. Joanne Gabbin. University Press of Mississippi, 2009. pp 129-137.
  • “Negotiating Memory: Nationalism, Globalism and the New World Novel, Transcultural Visions of Identities in Images and Texts, Ed. Wifried Raussert. Universitätsverlag: Heidelberg, Germany, 2008. pp 281-308.
  • “Langston Hughes: The Beat Goes on,” Crisis (January/February 2002): 36-39
  • “Harlem Renaissance” 2008, Digital Schomburg
  • “Toni Morrison and the New World Novel,” 2008. []
  • Margaret Walker Papers: A Digital Archive, 1932-1998.
  • Library of Black America, Encarta Africana 2000, Microsoft Corporation (CDROM-75 novels from the Project on the History of Black Writing)